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  • Find out why Zealand Worship doesn't hang out on the various social media platforms in this video as Phil Joel sits with Michael Farren recently at the All About Worship Headquarters in Franklin, TN

  • For the longest time this song was buried under a pile of our demos, until one day I stumbled back over it, or rather it stumbled over me because I heard it in a whole new and important way. Some songs have to wait for their time and It struck me that with everything going on in the world right now, we need to be reminded of God’s wild love for us all!

    When we actually allow ourselves to experience this love it changes the way we see ourselves and also those around us. We begin to see people less for there differences and more for their sameness....the sameness that states we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made and wildly loved by our Creator. This immense love will heal our hearts, eyes, hands and feet if we'll let it! Read more here

  • Zealand Worship took some time to share some more accessible versions of two recently released songs from their project, The EP.  

  • Watch this new video put out by the guys in Zealand Worship. It was their passion to create a version to this powerful song that captured the celebratory nature of the thought that God is a Good Good Father.