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Abide in Me

Abide in Me
Benji Cowart / Chris August
My Utmost For His Highest
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Abide in me abide in me
Send Your Holy Spirit come and abide in me
Whatever it takes create in me the space
Make my heart a place designed for Thee
Lord come and abide in me

Abide in me abide in me
Spirit of truth come and abide in me
You came to compensate now the price has all been paid
With the life You freely gave at Calvary
Lord come and abide in me

Seas could be raging but I’ll overcome
And wars could be waging but I’ll overcome
No I won’t be shaken if I know You’re the one
That’s turned my heart into Your home
Into Your home

Lord I give up
I’m giving You the space
I’m breaking down the walls
And calling this Your place
I confess I’ve been living for the world
Take it all away
I just need You to come Jesus
Come Jesus

Abide in me abide in me
Without You I have nothing come and abide in me
Come and restore what You made me for
You waited at the door now here’s the key
Come and abide in me


Raise me from my grave Lord break the stone
I’m giving You my heart to call Your own
Won’t You abide in me

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